Messenger Marketing

ManyChat has revolutionized the way that we are now able to use Facebook Messenger. Before we dig in to this full blown ManyChat walkthrough, let’s get clear on what exactly Facebook messenger marketing is, and why YOU should care.

What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

It’s no secret that Facebook is a behemoth marketing platform online. With now over 2 Billion monthly users, if Facebook were a country, it would be just short of the combined population of the two most populated countries on earth – China and India!

So, of course, it’s a dream come true for visionary marketers.

Yet until now, the atmosphere where you could effectively follow-up with prospects, has not been ideal.

The main reason is that in order to properly follow up, you had to basically drag people from Facebook, over to your website where you could (hopefully) get them to fill out a form and become an email subscriber (lead!)

In marketing, any time you have to interrupt the flow of the sales cycle, you’re creating holes where prospects can leak out. This is true in any marketing media, but especially online where attention spans are minuscule and growing shorter by the day.

The other reason is that until now, Facebook messenger has had next to no automation.

💬 With this simple but powerful new strategy you can:

➊ Grow a highly engaged and responsive list of Facebook Messenger leads

➋ Put your current email marketing open and click thru rates to absolute shame.

➌ Complete the entire marketing and sales cycle… without ever pulling prospects away from Facebook!

➍ Turn website and blog visitors into Facebook subscribers with just 1-click!
➎ Stay out of Facebook jail if you’re promoting a business opportunity (which Facebook doesn’t like!)
➏ And so much more!

In this section we’re going to give you a thorough ManyChat walkthrough so that you can see exactly how to use ManyChat, and start using it inside of your Messenger Marketing to grow your business with some awesome automation!